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Jacy Etter
 is a graduate of Denver City High School.  She will be a freshmen at Lubbock Christian University.  Jacy was an honor roll high school student, varsity cheerleader, and a member of the band.  She participated in school dramatic presentations and is involved in her local church.  She has competed in the Miss America Organization for the past four years and is currently Miss Brownfield 2014.  She also competed as a teen and won the titles of Miss High Plains' Outstanding Teen 2011, Miss Lubbock's Outstanding Teen 2012, and Miss Carrollton's Outstanding Teen 2013.  She has also competed in the Miss Texas' Outstanding Teen Pageant.  Jacy presents her self-esteem program Jacy's JEWELS and GEMS(Just Eat Well, Exercise, and Love yourSelf and Guys Exercising/Eating right for Muscle and Strength) to school students as a way of dealing with bullies.  She is the author of Growing Up Beautiful in an Ugly World of Bullies: The Metamorphosis of a Young Teen.

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